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Innovative Solutions
...Cell Phones, Keys, Wallets
...Mobile Laptops, Tablet PCs
...Pistols, Handguns, Revolvers
...Remote Pickup Hub: Keyless
...Remote Pickup Hub: Electronic
...Evidence in Law Enforcement
...Security vs. Employee Lockers

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American Locker

700 Freeport Parkway Ste. 300, Coppell, TX 75019

P: (800) 828-9118 or (817) 329-1600 F: (817) 421-8618

E: info@americanlocker.com

A leading manufacturer of secure storage, distribution and inventory management solutions, American Locker is regarded as a direct supplier that its security-conscious customers cannot live without. The Company leverages over 75 years of industry expertise to help organizations increase efficiency, mitigate risk, grow revenue and meet service needs. Proprietary offerings range from classic coin/token-operated security lockers and employee/personal lockers to keyless and computer/electronic-controlled systems, all fully assembled.

American Locker provides expert consultation via experienced staff and is the only locker company that manufactures and controls its own distribution of non-duplicative 16 million Keys/Locks/Cylinders as well as Keyless Systems. Above all, Company products are easy to use, install and manage, available in numerous colors, and designed from weather-resistant materials (stainless, aluminum, plastic or painted steel) for heavy indoor and outdoor usage.

Beyond its iconic orange key and SECURITY LOCKERS, the Company has recently introduced the E-CBU™ SYSTEM for remote distribution, STACKABLE LAPTOP LOCKERS for securing and recharging mobile devices, for inventory management, KEYLESS MINI-CHECK® Express lockers for items such as cell phones, and ALL-WELDED ENVOY Employee lockers with 60+ configurations. For a comprehensive search of American Locker solutions, please see the PRODUCT FINDER section.


Product Showcase

Admiral Locker Plastic / Aluminum Lockers Ambassador Lockers -- Stainless Cell Phone Charging Lockers Cell Phone Lockers Front-Load Keyless E-CBU Lockers Electronic Compu-Lok® Electronic Lockers Electronic Statesman Compu-Lok® Envoy Lockers Evidence Keyed -- Statesman Evidence Keyless -- Statesman Laptop Locker Stackable Keyed Laptop Locker Stackable Keyless Library Drop Off Box Mini Lok-All® Keyed -- Aluminum Lockers Mini Lok-All® Keyless -- Alum Lockers Mini-Check Lockers Coin-Op --Alum Mini-Check® HS Lockers Mini-Check® Front-Load Keyed Mini-Check® Front-Load Micro Keyed Mini-Check® Front-Load Micro Keyless Mobile Laptop Cart -- Keyed Mobile Laptop Cart -- Keyless Pistol Locker Desk Mount Keyed Pistol Locker Desk Mount Keyless RFID Locker / Lockers Statesman -- Painted Steel Statesman Junior Visitor Lockers -- Statesman Wall Mounted Pistol Locker
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